Your business. Your journey.

Mentors don’t want to be owned, they want to mentor.

YourMentor recruits mentors for Accelerators, Incubators and other organisations supporting startups.

All business owners speak of the lessons they learned on their journey and fondly remember those who helped them get through the tough (and fun) times. 

They speak of the passion that their mentors had for their success. The invaluable guidance and support and the ability to ask for assistance at any time. 

Mentors are what helped to make these entrepreneurs into true business people. 

iGen Foundation supports Accelerators, Incubators and other organisations supporting startups on their journey to creating great businesses. We created YourMentor in 2014 to support emerging entrepreneurs to learn from the wisdom of experienced business owners.

We'd love to talk with you if you require mentors to support your organisation: 

Contact: or phone 0414 39 2323.

And if you want become a mentor, please apply below.

We appreciate that you're giving up your time, knowledge and skills. To support you and make sure you have the best possible experience with mentoring, we will:

  • provide initial training in mentoring
  • invite you to workshops or other events throughout the year so you can increase your networks, share learning and insights by meeting other entrepreneurs and mentors;
  • support you via our Enterprise Facilitators (business coaches) to discuss the progress of your mentor-mentee relationship;
  • help you access resources and information about mentoring.

Mentor support

Mentor application form

"The mentor program has really helped me find more connections and gain more confidence in business as well as how market my books."

Will Phillip, Mentee

Working with my mentee has been a greatly rewarding experience. Entering into this agreement I was uncertain of my own credibility and what I could offer the program. 

However, not only have I been able to overcome my uncertainty, I have been able to share my own experiences and knowledge with someone at beginning of their own journey and watch them develop their own knowledge pool. 

Where was EP when I was a kid with an idea!?

Benji Thiele-Roca, Mentor

Don't just take our word for it!

"The smartest thing you can do is to have a mentor; someone who can keep you on track, broaden your thinking and connect you to others"

Pieta Bucello, Mentee

"We all have dreams. Sometimes all it takes for us to make our visions reality, is one person that believes in you and guides you in the right direction. Ideally showing them how to learn from your mistakes and empowering them to become the best they can be. After all, these young adults are the future!"

Janine Rosa, Founder of Simply Raw and We Quit Diets®, Mentor

Can't help as a mentor? 

There are many other ways young entrepreneurs can learn from you. 

Help us to hold a webinar or be on a pitch panel.

Or come to one of our Stretch Days as a Q & A guest.